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Cts arrives in Jordan to move 16 heavy engines for a new power plant

1 October 2013

Cts, the consortium of haulers based in Roncalceci, further consolidates its position in the Mediterranean. After the recent activities of handling and lifting carried out in Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Turkey, a new important and delicate job having Jordan as destination. On the outskirts of the capital Amman in fact, Cts is working on the installation of 16 heavy engines (300 tons each) and the same number generators ( 70 tons each), the productive heart of a new power plant.
The operation is divided into three phases, because it has to follow the landing of the ships carrying the items to Jordan: the landing takes place in Aqaba, the Jordanian port on the Red Sea, and from there engines and generators are transported by truck up to Amman.
It is responsibility of Cts the unloading from trucks, moving inside the yard and final positioning on foundations: each of the three phases lasts about three weeks .
"The first phase has just ended with great satisfaction of the customer, while the second will begin in the coming days - says Marco Melandri, CTS’ sales manager and project coordinator. - For us it is an important job , because it strengthens our expertise and develop our presence in a strategic area, which will almost certainly be a harbinger of new assignments. In short, in fact, could start a major new project in Iraq ... " .
Thanks even to the recent growth of its foreign assets (which also led interventions in Central Africa, Cameroon and Cape Verde), CTS is closing the 2013 with bigger sales compared to 2012, and especially with prospects for further development for the future. It is also reflected in the inclusion in its organic of new personnel and in the enlargement of the consortium with two new companies, even to keep on increasing the types of services offered: carrying, lifting, handling, packaging, until the transfer of entire manufacturing plants ...
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