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The Consortium of haulers concluded last Friday, April 4, a new relevant and impressive operation within the work of reclamation of the areas along the Channel “Candiano” of Ravenna.

5 April 2014

In fact 17 huge tanks have been transferred from Adriatank (behind Via Trieste, near the drawbridge) to PIR (Petrolifera Italo Rumena, located at the bottom of Baiona street, next to the Teodora Plant).

Each tank was 14 meters high, wide ranging between 8 and 14 meters, and weight variable from 40 to 60 tons. The operation was complicated because it required the coordination of a plurality of means and work teams, by land and by “sea”. Whether in Adriatank and in PIR there was a team of highly skilled CTS professionals (who used special equipment, such as self-propelled modular trailers and hydraulic cranes), assisted by the operators of the Port Company for the operations along the pier. To be shuttled between the points of embarkation and disembarkation, the self propelled barge “Dario” of CMC (Ravenna) towed by tugs and assisted by the Pilots of the Port. All has been coordinated by the direction of the CTS. "In less than two weeks it has been performed this important project - says Marco Melandri of Cts, sales manager of the company - whose meticulous study, however, has cost countless hours of engineering, in deep detail, so as not to leave anything unforeseen and to reduce to the minimum terms the possibility of the unexpected. So there is a great satisfaction for the whole group for another important job, carried out on our territory. Once again CTS proves to be a serious and reliable partner with excellent technical skill, due in particular to the ongoing training of the staff at all levels. "
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