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Important operation of loading and transportation of the CTS in the port of Marghera: boarded three devices for the largest methanol production plant in the world, under construction in Iran

2 May 2014

The CTS consortium, based in Ravenna - specialized in oversize and heavy haulages, lifting activities and industrial handling operations - has recently been distinguished by a highly complex intervention that took place within the basin of Marghera. Scope of work, the transport of three devices – produced by SIMIC Spa, respectively weighing 240, 340 and 1,250 tons. Built on behalf of Kaveh Methanol Company, will be installed in the largest methanol production plant in the world, under construction at Bandar Dayyer, in the South of Iran ( Persian Gulf ) . The plant will be, fully operational, a production capacity of 7,000 MTPD ( tons of methanol per day) .

The three artifacts were first raised at the workshop building. Then it has been positioned and fixed the transport saddles and loaded the artifacts of powerful SPMT (Self- Propelled Modular Transporters) . Through these special trailers, which are also owned by the consortium CTS, they have been carried from workshop of Marghera to the terminal Transped , covering about a couple of miles. The proceeding has been performed by boarding onto barge, that moved from terminal Transped to Terminal Multiservice, after a short sailing in the waters of the basin of Marghera. After landing and port handling, finally got to the stage of boarding onto the ship provided by the client, of course through a dock having the correct height (a so-called " mast ").
The peculiarity of these maneuvers , carried out in ro-ro mode, derived from the fact that the means of transport , had to climb directly on board of the vessel and there deposit the cargo. Complex operation because it was moving a huge weight on a floating body which, wheel after wheel, would be sunk more and more, creating obvious problems, which was to be added even the "tide factor."

Furthermore, different have been the technologies used on board for the discharge of the artifacts from the trailers, lowering on deck and lashing on board the ship delivering the cargo ready for safe navigation , in accordance with the terms requested by the buyer. The operation was repeated in an almost identical manner for all three items , coordinating the activities with all the involved institutions and companies, under the unique direction of CTS.

Satisfaction has been great for all the involved subjects, both those who belong to CTS and to the suppliers . " But even more important was the satisfaction manifested by the customer, who found us as a serious and reliable partner , to whom he could rely in full confidence ," says Marco Melandri, CTS Sales Manager and coordinator of the project, with the colleague Paolo Zangrando .

Having started in the nineties moving its first steps , today CTS is a reality with branches in Marghera, Trieste, Genoa and Florence , which has in staff more than 100 operators and is active throughout all Europe ( but not only) in the fields of energy, oil & gas, shipbuilding and heavy carpentry. In particular, in recent years it has successfully operated in countries such as Cape Verde , Cameroon, Morocco , Tunisia, Libya , Jordan, Turkey and China.
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