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Students of the Aeronautical Institute of Forlì visiting the headquarters of CTS

10 May 2014

CTS , the consortium of haulers based in Roncalceci , received yesterday morning a visit very unusual and very welcome : the class 3E of the Aeronautical Technical Institute " Francesco Baracca " of Forlì , that is the course for Aeronautical Maintenance . The students - accompanied by their teachers of Logistics, Valentina Cantarini and Emanuele Gorini - had the opportunity to see in person some of the tools used by CTS for exceptional transport , special handling and lifting .
The kids showed great curiosity and interest, asking a lot of questions to the leaders of CTS (Daniele Sansavini and Marco Melandri ) and making observations about a world that until now had only known through books. "For CTS has been a " first time " - commented Sansavini and Melandri - and considering the satisfaction , it is an experience that surely will be repeated in the coming years ."
During the visit , the kids were joined by the director of the Institute , Susi Olivetti , and the vice director , Antonio Vassura . "For us it was a very interesting experience, especially considering that the course for Aeronautical Maintenance has been activated this year - said the school leaders - . Contact with CTS is part of the policy of the Institute , which tends to have a close relationship with local companies : both to allow kids to see in person how they work , and to meet the needs of the companies , so that students can be trained closer to the job world. "
At the end of the morning , CTS has offered a refreshment to students and teachers.
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