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Students of the Aeronautical Institute of Forlì visiting the headquarters of CTS

10 May 2014 - CTS , the consortium of haulers based in Roncalceci , received yesterday morning a visit very unusual and very welcome : the class 3E of the Aeronautical Technical Institute " Francesco Baracca " of Forlì ...

Important operation of loading and transportation of the CTS in the port of Marghera: boarded three devices for the largest methanol production plant in the world, under construction in Iran

2 May 2014 - The CTS consortium, based in Ravenna - specialized in oversize and heavy haulages, lifting activities and industrial handling operations - has recently been distinguished by a highly complex intervention ...

The Consortium of haulers concluded last Friday, April 4, a new relevant and impressive operation within the work of reclamation of the areas along the Channel “Candiano” of Ravenna.

5 April 2014 - In fact 17 huge tanks have been transferred from Adriatank (behind Via Trieste, near the drawbridge) to PIR (Petrolifera Italo Rumena, located at the bottom of Baiona street, next to the Teodora Plant). ...

CTS in Turkey: a relevant operation on the Black Sea coast

26 March 2014 - Another significant intervention abroad for CTS, the consortium of haulers based in Roncalceci. After the important projects completed during the year in Africa (Cape Verde and Cameroon), the company has ...


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